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Uncertainties to Unfold

It is how we embrace the uncertainty in our lives that lead to the great transformations of our souls.  -Brandon A. Trean

“The control center of our life is our attitude.”

Today, I am sitting in a pile of uncertainties waiting for answers to unfold. Many questions raveling deep in my thoughts, i feel clueless. Has any of you encountered similar circumstances the way i do? tough isn’t it. Indeed. I have found myself anxious in a fearful state, where I tried to figure life all out on my own, perturb noises in my head, controlling and merely drowning out my inner peace.


“When we direct our thoughts properly, we can control our emotions…”

W. Clement Stone

Most of the time, We are uncertain of our decisions in Life. Whether it’s about Family, Love, Life, Career, Goals, Friends, Travel, (Name it) – We always get linked into a minute state of dilemma, haggling it all over in our head, convincing ourselves that we can handle everything in our own hands. Truth is, is it attainable? damn NO! Have you ever dealt with such situation where at one point you can easily shrug it off and adjacent to it you just simply can’t. Emotions. Feelings. PMS. Low serotonin levels? Pfft! Maybe I need more endorphin. Dark Chocolates!!! (laughing at the moment).


I have been a strong woman and will continue to stand firm that I am. People who are close to me or those who knew me from the start, admires my positive stance despite the innumerable bullets of turmoils rushing through my everyday existence in this cruel world. People can get a glimpse of my surface, where smiles are visible than desolation, uplifting people and exhibiting the best of me in delineating a well contented life hence, behind those are traces of  uncertainties and feelings of vacancy which remains inexplicable. Tons of emotions accumulated deep within the core of my form whispering these 3 wordsI-seek-answers” day by day.


“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.” ― Bob Marley

Clearly, I have no answers. I have come to a realization that If I fixate myself  on “seeking answers” for unknown feelings or emotions, I’d totally end up having a tunnel-like vision with blinders on, failing to recognize possibilities around me. Possibilities to have an eternal pursuit of  happiness, sustainable goals, and satisfactory peak of self-actualization. I then convinced myself to not wallow or  allow any ruination and disparager to hinder any plans I have at stake. Just like gambling,  there are a lot at risk if we get to choose the wrong cards. In turn, it takes a lot of courage to accept it without any guarantees. Nevertheless,  it is also in these periods of discomfort that life’s most important adventures may arise.

“You must travel it by yourself. It is not far. It is within reach. “― Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass


When I was about to end this blog, I had some few reflections in mind. I came to a conclusion that not having all the answers to life’s most unanswerable question is mainly the answer to everything. We live for a purposeful reason and as we journey through life, We slowly unravel those intertwined puzzles waiting to be disentangled. We experience all emotions, simply because we are alive, simply because we seek for the best, simply because we aim for something bigger than what’s already known to us. If we had all the answers to every missing pieces of our life’s puzzle, we wouldn’t experience the true essence of being alive. Therefore, free your mind and let the wind blows take you where your supposed to be taken 😌

“Self-disciplined begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do. Simply, self-discipline enables you to think first and act afterward.” -Napolean Hill<<




Prei is a Zamboangueña, residing in Cebu City. A Registered Nurse by Profession but currently works as a Fraud Banker. Prei can speak fluent English, Bisaya, Tagalog, Chavacano (Broken Spanish derived from the Spanish Creole) and a little bit of German (currently on B2 level). She loves photography, travel, culture diversity, and is very much hooked on fitness 💁🏼

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